You must have been wondering how could you spend your time usefully in the current situation. We would primarily encourage entrepreneurs and business owners to invest in developing their brand’s online presence – because we can’t know for sure what new demands the quarantine period will place on our businesses.

One of the simplest and most obvious innovations is to improve your presence on social media, or even discover new platforms. We would like to give you a short guide to this.

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1. Facebook

„Time passed above Facebook” – they say.

Facebook continues to have a role to play in the world of social media. Moreover, it’s still the interface where we are able to reach the majority of people. Certainly, your business already has a Facebook page, so we wouldn’t talk about creating one now.

If you have some time, try to „set up” your existing platforms. Let’s see how can we develop in it. 

A few examples:

1.1 Handling tabs

The tabs are on the left side of the Facebook page interface. Many times we can see that these are not nicely structured. You should delete useless, empty tabs, but fill those which could have content.

You can do this under  „Settings”, „Templates and tabs”.

EAZY Tip: Only a few know how easy it is to set a Youtube tab on our Facebook page. This option doesn’t show up in default settings, but following the instructions in the video below, you’ll see it in tabs in minutes:

1.2 „About” and „Cover” – from a new perspective

You can see many Facebook pages that don’t put much emphasis on their Cover images and About sections. But only with a tiny graphic, we can easily communicate current and relevant information about our company.

For example: „We’re still open from 9AM to 3PM!” or „Look up our restaurant on Netpincér! We deliver your favourite dishes to your home!”

Same for the About section, which is also worthy to acutalize; and to place our most important links (website, blog, webshop, instagram, etc.) in it’s content.

1.3 Creating groups

This period is highly beneficial for those who would like to make their Facebook communication more effective via groups. People now are especially looking for the feeling of belonging to a community, and they are also spending a lot of time online.

To create a group managed by our business page, we’ll need “Groups” tab, which when clicked on, Facebook will immediately offer us to create a community for our page.

2. Instagram

It’s not necessarily a problem if your company doesn’t have an Instagram account. It depends on activity how much it is worth to be present on the site. But one thing is for sure: more and more people are using this community interface, and most people in their twenties and thirties can be reached here.

2.1 Actualise your BIO!

You might want to take a look at our Instagram account description: How up-to-date is it? How impressive is it?

EAZY Tip: Instead of placing your website or Facebook page in the BIO link, you should direct your visitors to a current landing page. Get their attention with a „Call to action” sentence at the end of your BIO description. For example: „Are you looking for a unique present for Mother’s day? Click here!” – and the link under, is navigating to a Mother’s day merchandise landing page, or blog article.

2.2 Renew your Feed!

In order to get followers for your business, a unified and harmonious looking Feed is a must. To do this, you can choose from different styles depending on which one you’d prefer, or which one would be the easiest to implement.

We are happy to provide professional assistance in decisionmaking and creating!

2.3 Update your Highlights!

You can archive, and organise your favourite stories by theme, using Instagram’s Highlights interface. From time to time, it is worthy to delete old stories as the person clicking on the Highlight always sees the oldest story first, which is often outdated. 

So let’s take a look at your archive content and categorize newly published stories into appropriate Highlights.

EAZY Tip:  Create Highlights from product groups, new products, current discounts, various services, apperances on exhibitions and fairs, media apperances, and as well, for corporate CSR activities.

3. Pinterest, LinkedIN, TikTok

It’s time to try new social channels! A Pinterest page, for example, could be a great choice for collecting ideas and to inspire others. Moreover, you can’t find a better community interface, specialised in B2B communication, than LinkedIN.

Last, but not least, the youngest generation (teenagers) is most likely to get committed to a brand by TikTok.

We’ll deliver more information of the above in further articles!


Feel free to contact us with any questions and requests – we’ll help you out whether you’d like to get in touch with social media content creation, advertisements, or creating completely new online interfaces.

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