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As the result of the current situation, there have been and may will be many unexpected changes in our businesses in the future. In order to get through this period with as few losses as possible, we’d like to provide you some useful tips and suggestions:

1. Stay focused!

At first, it’s important to reshape our way of thinking, and to come out with new plans for the future. If we’re doing a good job, we can even forge an adventage in one or two areas.

For this, we’d like to give the following advice:

– Make an estimation!

What does this mean exactly?

Unfortunately, the philosopher’s stone is not hidden in our pockets either, but we have tips and assumptions about how long this period will last.

More simply, we MUST define an interval within we are able to plan. It’s like campaign: it has a beggining and an end. If our estimation is wrong, we plan over. It doesn’t sound really professional of course, but as we’ve mentioned before, no one knows for sure. But we have to plan, and and for that, it’s necessary to make presumed deadlines. 

2. Be current!

We have clients who don’t want the term COVID-19 to appear anywhere, and there are the others who refer to it in all their posts.

As long as you’re adapting to the current situation, there’s no problem with either. Let’s see two examples:

– Precede the question

Let’s get ahead of what our customers are most interested in right now!

The simplest example of this is to answer everywhere whether we are still open, or not.

It’s a bit more complicated for example, if we’re writing a newsletter about what we do in case of the protection during packaging and home delivery.

– Help your customers!

In case of webshops, create packages that now can be the most useful. Put emphasis on products that can can provide solution to the problems posed by the current situation – for example, issues created by the curfew, or the most important shortage items in households.

3. Are you closed? Take pre-orders or pre-registrations!

For those clients who has the opportunity, we recommed the selling of pre-orders.

For the reason when everything goes back to normal, it is expected that all of a sudden, everyone would like to visit private practices, hairdressers, opticians, etc.

If our business allows it, and we haven’t invested any money or time in it yet, it’s time to create a landing page for booking appointments or a webshop to sell products!

4. Don’t let the inquiring’s hands go.

Shopping is less, but online attention is much bigger!

We can take advantage of it, so in the meantime, we can make up lost ground. A great interface for this, is social media, were all longer-toned, educational content is receiving special attention.

This period is not a time for resting, but a good time to build commitment points!

5. Remarketing above all!

Last, but not least: in order to convince leads of our products’ or services’ benefits, it is crucial for our brand to have a place in the media noise.

The more platforms we stay active on, the more places we can effectively gather inquiring people and to bomb them with a well-planned remarketing campaign.

A lot of people are now reducing their advertising budgets – a matter of fact, clickt-throughs are available on more favorable terms, so it is by no means worth stopping completely!


Feel free to contact us with any questions and requests – we’ll help you out whether you’d like to get in touch with social media content creation, advertisements, or creating completely new online interfaces.

IN FACT, we left the good news to the end: soon, we’ll be launching a series of free webinars for you; about which we’ll send you more information in the days to come!

Stay safe!

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