Google has come up with an exciting and inspiring product recently that we were excited to try too. Let us share our experiences with you in this article!

The YouTube Video Builder, which is currently in it’s beta form, has a high accuracy in our current situation. On one hand it offers companies new opportunities to stay in the focus under these changed circumstances as well. On the other hand it makes video ad creation, a usually time-, material- and resource-dependent area, free and available for anybody. 

What aims is it useful for?

Important to notice, that the content made with Video Builder can be primarily used for YouTube ad related purposes. We can currently choose from a range of 6-second and 16-second formats, based on Google’s creative guidelines and templates based on proven recipes.

This means we are mainly talking about content used for preroll and in-stream appearances, which can be perfectly adapted to brand building, reach and persuasion in our marketing mix and at the top of our sales funnel. To achieve this, you may want to create videos with the appropriate message.

EAZY Tip: Because we can produce videos extremely easily and quickly, it may be a good idea to run multiple versions of your video creatives and test them. We can formulate separate content and messages for different target audiences, such as our existing customers or remarketing audiences.

Videós hirdetések az értékesítési tölcséren belül

Step by step

Templates won’t allow us a huge freedom, but they give us an extremely clean and clear direction with specific requirements. We can choose a format suitable for advertising our current promotion, presenting our brand, product ranges / services or even our mobile application.

For example, in case of a restaurant or other offline shop it can be a great help to create a video content in a matter of seconds to promote our delivery or a new way of placing orders. Webshops can create a TV-spot like advertisements focused on discounted products and we can present our company’s service to the right audience in a creative way.  

Let’s see how to create our own content with Video Builder in 7 steps:

  1. Choose the right format for your goals
  2. Specify logo and brand colours
  3. Upload images (varying in size) and write text
  4. Choose a font (from Google’s font collection)
  5. Select music (from Google’s free music collection)
  6. Last checks, refinements, publishing on YouTube channel
  7. The video campaign can go live!

For our own example, we chose our beta feed management software as an experimental rabbit. Our solution, called Feed.Studio, briefly optimizes and simplifies catalog import and export management. The latter are often cumbersome processes that cause headaches for both agencies and clients.

Let’s take a step-by-step look at how the video shared at the end of this article was created:

1. From the templates we chose the version showing the interaction, as our goal is that the audience gets to know and tries the product in its current state, for which we also provide an early bird $ 1,000 coupon.

1. step: choose the most usable template for our goal!

2. As a logo, we worked with a .png image prepared in 1000x500px size, and as colour we set our primary brand colour. It’s possible to specify a colour in several ways, or if there are no fixed colour codes, we can ‘mix’ a likeable.

3. The template requires portrait images of 1080x1920px size, which will appear on the display of the mobile device, so here we have added the necessary 3 versions, supplemented with 7 text snippets (main message + 3 image messages, call to action caption and button text, and the link that appears as a url). The length of the texts varies from type to type, but it (the message) must be written in short headings.

In our case, this includes the product’s slogan “Feed me baby”, its primary target groups, its main benefits and finally our early bird offer itself.

4–5. We can choose a font from the offer of the Google Font catalog, where the nearly 1,000 font families provide us enough freedom to choose, hopefully including our corporate font too. There is no such repertoire in music, but we get separate suggestions from Google’s music library for each template (unfortunately we don’t have the option to upload custom soundtracks and music here).

Don’t hesitate to try more version for tests!

6–7. Once we have successfully selected the above mentioned pieces, we are only a few clicks away from our finished video. A very important feature of the editing interface is that after publishing we will no longer be able to change the finished video, so we surely have to take advantage of the preview option, where we can generate a sight of our collected items before publishing. If we want to change something, we can still go back one step and create a new version of it.

Should we still need a change after publication, or even another similar version, by opening the post-publication page, we can duplicate the completed materials and start again later.

Here is our latest, published version:

Based on our experiences so far, we are satisfied with the end result. Even though it is not perfect it proves well that after about half an hour of planning and a little graphic work, anyone can create an easy, formally appropriate advertisement according to their needs. The current features, templates, music, settings will most likely be expanded in the future, even providing a longer and more complex solution.

If you’d like to try the Video Builder yourself and you already have a Google advertising account, click here, to request an access to the beta application, it will be reviewed in a few days. If you’ve already made your own video, we would love to know how you did it and what your experience was. Share it with us at!

If you feel you need help creating your own video content, or you want to launch a new campaign with your freshly made video, the Eazy Digital team is looking forward to knowing more about your ideas!

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