Setting up a Google Ads account is not difficult, but mastering this platform is another question. If you manage your advertisements for yourself, it is good if you know about these mistakes to avoid them!

Google Ads is a very powerful platform. You can manage your business’ advertising for Google Search, displays and even for Youtube in one place. It’s not a big surprise, that the company’s biggest income is paid to advertise. In 2018 this was more than 116 billion dollars. This is not only good for them but you too. This is the business in it. You pay for the Google for a good place in search results, or other advertisements, but because of these, your income grows too. At least, if you are avoiding these common mistakes. 

1. Advertising without understanding profit margins

Depending on your company’s profile, you probably use Google advertisements to generate leads or sales. It is just an add on, that it is increasing brand awareness and gaining traffic to your website or your shop. When it comes to advertising, it is important to understand the profit margins. To put it more simply, you spend a significant amount of money on Google Ads every month, which brings you several leads. But not all of these leads will become a customer or a buyer, so you have to realize the value of them.

To be able to accurately measure the performance of a campaign, and optimize accordingly, advertisers must have a clear understanding of their profit margins. It is necessary to be aware of exactly how much you can afford to pay for a lead in addition to the percentage of leads that your team converts to sales.

Know your limits and the exact amount of money which is worth spending on advertisements, while you are still profitable.

2. You don’t set up conversions

It is important if you want to measure the return on an investment, but this also enables you to gain a clearer understanding of your profit margins. This helps you to set a price per click which won’t lose you money.

You can set up conversions in Google Ads very easy, just select them from the Tools menu and add a new one. If you already have these setup, you can convert them from Google Analytics too. Don’t forget to check your data and remove any duplicate conversion actions!

After this, you can calculate the exact cost of every lead with the next formula. If the cost per click of your advertisement is 0.5 dollar, and your site’s conversion rate is 4%, then the cost of a lead will be (0.5×100)/4=12.5. So you will get four orders for 12.5 dollars. 

3. Bidding too high

Everybody wants to be number one on Google, but it’s not always the smartest decision. A first position can cost a fortune, and maybe it’s not worth it to you if the cost per lead is too high. 

Setting the price too high for price per click is often problematic as you will drive the cost of advertising up. This often leads to bidding wars with competitors who will increase their bids to match your own.

Keeping down the prices a lot of time has a better outcome. this enables you to maximize the number of clicks for your budget as well as the quantity of and cost per conversion.

+1 Letting your ads to run unsupervised

You made a Google Ads campaign with a bunch of ad groups. Conversions are set up, you calculated the perfect bids and you considered everything, so you can lean back and wait. Unfortunately, this is not that simple.

To get the best results you need to supervise your campaigns from time to time. Maybe every other day, or every week, or once in a month. It depends on your campaign’s duration, your competitors and the bids on your ads. Google Ads enables you to see the words and phrases that triggered clicks on your ads. To refine the performance of your account, it is necessary to review search terms regularly.

With the help of the Search Terms Report, you can identify negative keywords and add them to your account. This enables you to stop your adverts from appearing for phrases, that are not relevant. 

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Source: minuteheck.com

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